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I just realized that it will be fine to start collect feedback since it looks like I will buy and sell on egl_comm_salels time to time.
So if you had some transaction with me please leave some feedback here.
Thank you :3

Lolita photoshoot castle Kozel

It was really pretty day for photoshooting... sunny and warm...

DA cute, pink handmade skirt, very cheap


Lolita bookmarks

I drew some lolita themed bookmarks for my buyers... I just asked favorite colors (or I knew favorite lolita style) and then drew it... So there are first three.... I decided to draw a bookmark for everyone who will buy something from me as a gift. So I hope I will make more of those because it was really fun and I was really happy when my customers liked it ^_^

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Sun was so bright that day...
Outfit rundown:
Headbow: made by pet_chan 
Blouse: Anna House
Skirt: Handmade
Socks: Btssb
Shoes: Montreal
Parasol: offbrand

DS baby lucky pack items

Payment: paypal
Shipping from Czech Republic using Czech Post:
to Europe: under 500g: EUR 5
outside Europe: under 500g and economy pack: EUR 5
outside Europe: under 500g and priorit. pack: EUR 6

I draw a lolita bookmark for every buyer... just tell me what you want veneaglorthiel.deviantart.com/art/loli-bookmarks-99264301

All items are brand new just tried once (except panties)

black & white cut-sew sold on 4. 11. 23:20

material: 100% Cotton, is elastic so measures are minimum.
My bust is 89cm and it fit.. I think that for bigger bust will be great too...
Waist: 76 cm
Bust: 80 cm
Sleeves with lace: 63 cm

Price: EUR 40 or best offer


Price: EUR 35 or best offer

Panties sold 14.10. 21:40

Waist:  56 - 80 cm

Price: EUR 14 or best offer

ID card

My summer lolita ID.... I was in Croatia in Gradac with my boyfriend's family. It was great I am really happy that I was there...
Most of time we spend on beach just sleeping or reading and eating. XD
We made just one trip to Makarska but it was so hot day so we were there just few hours and I make only few photos.... but It was too because my boyfriend took my camera away from me.... >_<


Classic lolita X3

Outfit rundown:

Dress: Anna House
Socks: handmade by pet_chan 
Shoes: Bata


yay I finally sign in LJ!!!
I am little bit lost here... I hope that I find here what I need xD